About your book: It was always a mystery to me when you would talk about your travels and living in Israel. I felt I was walking with you as your relived your life in the book. I know your life has not always been easy, but how fortunate you have been that God has directed your life in ways I can only appreciate [by] living through you. It has been our privilege and pleasure to have met you and kept in contact with you.

G. & D., FL

It was such a joy to finally have had time to read your book. [My wife] and I saw first hand the incredible gift of encouragement you carry [when you were] in Toronto, and it certainly is exemplified in your book. Every evening as I picked up "Come Forth as Gold" I could hear the Lord in the stillness between the lines saying, "[Name], you must start journaling." I believe your tenacious obedience to journalling has resulted in a legacy of encouragement for future generations. This sounds a little silly, but I am so proud of you, as your brother in Christ! . . . The Church needs more people like you with boldness and faith. May this book be your multiplication factor.

R.B., Canada

Sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness . . . of letting me read and purchase one of your books.  It is great.  I read it the day I got it – in about two hours!  When are you going back and are you taking me with you . . . ???

J.W. - TN

Well, I finished your book. I have 3 other books that I am reading but when I picked up your book, I finished it in two days. ;-) It was such a blessing! I visited Israel with you and the surrounding cities. I enjoyed how descriptive you were about your life there and the events you encountered and the friends you met while there. It was like I was right there with you.

I also commend you on trusting the LORD and moving to a whole new country in your 50's!!! The secular world will call it brave - I call it FAITH!!! Amen! Some people tend to think that their life is over at the age of 40. You're such an inspiration because you did something most of us dare not do....follow your heart, and something we don't want to do or don't know how to do....listen to the voice of God!

I was also touched by the chapter that spoke of your co-dependency, low self-esteem and how your son and your friend directed you in love to get help. I am a co-dependent so that touched my heart to know that you survived that.

God bless you, Phyllis, and may God bless your reading audience! You're a testimony that it is never too late to follow your dreams!

This book is awesome!

D.A., TN

Grandma, I read your book recently and loved it! It was easy to read and very insightful! Encouraged my walk with the Lord and helped me to grow closer to Him :)

Jennie Weil, FL


Phyllis Weil